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AGCO Finance

AGCO Finance

AGCO Finance is thrilled to be part of the exciting Antarctica2 project. With a global reach, we provide comprehensive financing solutions targeted to the particular needs of agriculture. Blending financial and agricultural expertise, we offer flexible, tailor-made finance programmes to agribusinesses purchasing AGCO equipment. AGCO Finance fully understands the risks and seasonality associated with farming and we specialise in adapting to changing market conditions. Transparent and solid business relationships built firmly on trust are at the heart of our approach.

The spirit and enterprise of Antarctica2 perfectly matches our ‘can-do’ outlook and our emphasis on team working. From the first time we heard about this amazing journey, we knew we had to be involved! AGCO Finance supports customers by providing the facilities to realise their farm machinery purchases and grow their businesses. In the same way we are delighted to be supporting the ambitious endeavours of the Antarctica2 team. The project demands total trust between team members who will all contribute their specific skills to meet the tough challenges of the trek. As a reliable partner, AGCO Finance will be backing them all the way on their unique adventure!